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Our top five products for an antiqued stone floor

blue grey antiqued stone floor

We are passionate about providing natural stone flooring and paving that is filled with the characteristics that cannot be replicated in a man-made material – we are particularly passionate about an antiqued stone floor.

The skilled craftmanship that goes into finishing these flagstones is much to be admired and the result once they are installed for a client is so satisfying.

We have listed our top five products for antiqued stone flooring below, giving different colours and finishes to choose from. All of these stones are extremely hard-wearing, making them perfect for busy households or for use in commercial settings. With the exception of the cabochon floor, all of these antiqued stone floor options can also be used outside as paving.

Bourgogne rendition antiqued French stone floor

French limestone, for centuries, has been used to build vast, historical chateaux and cosy, rural gites across France and was the main building material for much of Paris. It is therefore not surprising that it is also a popular and sturdy flooring choice.

Created to replicate a genuine reclaimed French limestone floor, this stone has been aged by hand. The craftsmanship of the stonemasons results in surface pitting and undulation in the flagstones that help to create the look and feel of a centuries old, time-worn floor. This floor is one of our made-to-order products and is produced in random lengths and in the width you prefer.

See this antiqued stone floor here.

Paris casa antiqued stone flooring and paving

paris casa antiqued stone flooring

Paris casa antiqued limestone

From our bespoke stone tile collection, this antiqued stone floor is hand-finished using traditional techniques employed by stone masons for centuries. Tones that feature in these flagstones include warm greys, pale beiges and cool creams. A number of finishes are also applied to ensure each tile is unique from the next. We recommend waxing these stones after sealing to truly bring out their character and how off the surface details.

See this antiqued stone floor here.

Antiqued limestone cabochon floor

A hand-finished limestone floor using black cabochon diamonds and beige limestone squares with cut corners to create a traditional look. This style of flooring has been a popular choice for entrance hallways for decades and this sees no sign of wavering. The beige limestone features slight pitting to the surface and the edges are finished to create a soft, worn texture.

See this antiqued stone floor here

chalon grey antiqued stone flooring

grey antiqued stone flooring

Chalon grey limestone

Cloudy movement can be seen in these cool grey tiles that have been subtly aged to soften the edges and create character on their surface. While not as rustic as some of our other antiqued stone flooring options, this limestone is a popular choice for many different style properties thanks to its neutral tones, consistent colouring and quiet characteristics.

See this antiqued stone floor here

Bastille bleu limestone

These blue-grey flagstones in varying sizes create a flagstone floor that would be right at home in a historic castle as well as a contemporary home. This limestone is seriously hardy and is hand-finished by skilled stonemasons.

See this antiqued stone floor here


While a picture can show you how a floor looks, there is no better way to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into these stones than to feel them for yourself. If you would like to find out more about our antiqued stone range, please get in touch to book a showroom appointment.

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