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10 style ideas for an authentic and modern country home

modern country home style

The value of outdoor space and the popularity of living in the country have become ever more apparent over the past year with many people moving out of cities to seek a more peaceful way of life.

As a family-run business with an active dog on the team, we are huge fans of England’s rural beauty and all that it has to offer every generation. Many of our clients come to us looking for flooring inspiration for country homes that need a material that maintains the rustic appeal that drew them to the rural location in the first place.

Here are just some ideas that we believe help to complete the style of a modern country home:

Use reclaimed and natural materials

Of course we would recommend using natural materials BUT that is not just because we sell them. The very presence of a natural textile, stone or wood (especially if reclaimed and reused ) creates an immediate sense of calm and also a lived-in look that is essential to maintaining an authentic style in a rural home.

Make the most of original features

Exposing original wooden beams, fireplaces or flagstone floors in an older rural property can only serve to add character and interest while also telling the story of the building’s history.

country home style

Add life with greenery

Whether fresh flowers from the garden or pot plants perfect for indoors, the use of greenery in a country home not only helps to bring nature in but is also proven to help you feel more calm and relaxed. While also decreasing anxiety, seeing and being around plants is also thought to help increase a person’s attentiveness and memory.

Create a kitchen that functions

An Aga or range oven is probably on the wish list of most home owners in the country but even if that would break your budget somewhat, ensuring a country kitchen functions well is what we think is truly important. Useful storage, a good sized sink and a large work surface for preparing your fresh produce are essential. Muted tones tend to work well for kitchen cabinetry.

country home style bootroom

If you haven’t already, make space for a boot room and utility

This would definitely be an essential on our list for a country home – a tucked-away space where all things messy can be stored away. No matter the size of the room, clever wall storage can help make the most of the space available. A sink and space for a washer/dryer would also be on our tick list for this area which can act as the service hub of a busy home. This is also an area where you can perhaps be more bold with style ideas.

Use statement furniture

Antique furniture or painted wood pieces are perfect for a rural setting and help to add useful storage in a home that may not have all the modern-day fittings of a newer house. Even in a newer home, a large dresser or feature wardrobe will help connect it to the rustic style you want to achieve.

Make the most of outdoor space

A large terrace finished with stone paving will mean you can make the most of your peaceful, rustic setting. Surround the terrace with planting or traditional stone walling to soften the divide between the hard landscaping and the lawns beyond.

Install or restore an open fire or wood-burner

The crackle of an open fire using locally-sourced wood can provide the ultimate comfort on a cold winter’s day. Just make sure the wood you are using has been seasoned or dried to ensure the fuel you are burning is as clean as possible.

Snuggle down

And what better space to enjoy an open fire than in a cosy snug room complete with comfortable sofas and a view of the outdoors. This should be a haven away from the possible hustle and bustle of a busy country kitchen – a place where a book can be read in peace with a glass of wine or cup of tea to hand.

Animals, animals, animals

While not strictly classed as part of a house’s style, no country home can surely be complete without the addition of a pet (or if you are lucky enough to have the space – a few farm animals). Perhaps a cat for cuddles, a dog for long walks or a few chickens to ensure a regular supply of fresh eggs?

If you are renovating a country home, please do get in touch to see how we can help you achieve the ultimate in rustic style.

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