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Landscape gardener growth shows how we value the outdoors

With many people treating their gardens as an extension of their house, with patios and terraces becoming another room of the house to decorate, hiring a landscape gardener who specialises in natural stone materials can be a great step towards creating a beautiful new outdoor space. 

Recent data from Statista shows that during the third quarter of 2023, 165,000 people were employed or self employed as sustained landscape gardeners. This is up 15,000 in comparison to 2021, which comes in with 150,000 people employed in the field.

This could be a sign as we go into the second half of 2024 and beyond that more and more people are interested in the idea of having a professional take care of the design and implementation for their perfect garden, rather than doing it themselves. Taking advantage of their natural stone suppliers and contacts to enhance the garden space along with trade discounts.

What does a Landscape Gardener do?

A landscape gardener is an individual that can design and implement a new garden scheme, including producing plans, site clearance, ordering of materials, hard landscaping and finally planting. They will work closely with you as the homeowner, taking into account your needs and desires, as well as the topography of your site to design the garden layout that maximises your enjoyment and use of your outside space.

Once they have completed the design phase, and removed the components of an old garden, they go on to implement your new garden with the outdoor building work, considering its driveways, patios, and walls. Lucky enough to have a swimming pool? Choosing the right natural material for colour and size along with selecting quality pool copings, paving and steps will ensure the space remains a timeless welcoming space for years to come.

Having a new garden designed and installed correctly can reduce the stress and worry of making the wrong choice and reduce the chance of injury from lifting heaving materials or digging using manual or incorrect tools. Importantly, it can also reduce the overall cost in the long run, thanks to proper design and installation, as well as the choice of site-appropriate, quality materials. It can seem expensive in the short term, however avoiding costly mistakes and ending-up with a space you are really pleased with means the investment really pays off. 

Landscape gardeners have career development

One of the reasons for this gradual growth in the number of landscape gardeners could be down to rewarding career progression in this field. If somebody is interested in becoming a landscape gardener, then there are many different ways you can do this from a sole trader to an eventual business owner, which is reflected in the salary. 

According to Checkatrade, the salary received can depend on a variety of factors including level of experience, skills, qualifications and location. The take home pay can range from £9,139 for an apprentice all the way up to £47,853 for a business owner, bringing a difference of £38,714. 

Bourton Buff is a good choice for outdoor paving

Bourton Buff is a great choice for outdoor paving, thanks to its beautiful limestone appeal, neutral but warm tones and huge versatility. It’s a great choice for complimentary swimming pool coping stone, step pieces, and a huge range of paving from large format slabs/flagstones to small pavers, for paths and seating areas. Bourton Buff is also known for its durability and longevity, so homeowners can feel confident their new investment will last for years to come.

As well as these characteristics, Bourton Buff is also an economical choice, making it a viable option for home owners up and down the county. 

The calm, neutral warm tones created by Bourton Buff means it compliments other materials such as wood, brick and metal especially well. For example, a timber pergola (with an outdoor kitchen or sunken seating area) with Bourton Buff will make for an aesthetically pleasing design. 

If you are looking for advice on how you can integrate Bourton Buff limestone paving into your design, or which natural stone would be best for your outdoor project, then do not hesitate to contact Natural Stone Consulting who would be more than happy to help.

About Natural Stone Consulting

Natural Stone Consulting is a family business that specialises in supplying exquisite stone flooring, tiles, and paving to residential and trade clients. They supply a wide variety of materials ranging from terracotta tiles to limestone flooring that suits the client’s needs, taking pride in offering bespoke flooring opportunities for both interior and exterior projects. 

The business started in 2009 and works with both homeowners as well as architects, designers, and landscape designers.

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