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Underfloor heating with a stone floor is the perfect combination

Underfloor heating with a stone floor kitchen

Underfloor heating with a stone floor is the perfect combination to use when longing for a warm and cosy home during the colder months.

Thanks to its high heat conductivity and good heat retention, a stone tile will warm up quickly and stay warm for longer than most (if not all) other flooring materials. This should result in the heat transferring quickly into the room and that warmth being maintained for quite some time. No more need for those slippers or thick socks many of us are accustomed to wearing during the winter.

What’s more, underfloor heating is being used in much larger areas of the home. Where as it used to be restricted to just a kitchen or bathroom, many homeowners are installing it throughout the downstairs and in some cases even the upstairs of their properties.


We get asked many times whether stone tiles would be too thick to use with underfloor heating but the truth is, while they may take slightly longer to heat than a thinner version, they will stay warmer for longer and are therefore more efficient.

Using underfloor heating with a stone floor means every part of the room is warmed evenly, getting rid of any potential cold spots that can occur when using traditional wall-mounted radiators. It also means it frees-up wall space, making it easier to furnish and decorate the space.

A wet underfloor heating system can be more disruptive to install and result in a higher floor level as a screed must be poured on top of the hot water pipes. But, it should also mean lower running costs. An electric mat system is easier to install, especially in an existing space where floor levels cannot be changed, but it can also be slightly more costly to run. Either way, both are perfectly fine to use underneath a stone tile floor.

For more advice on using underfloor heating with a stone floor and for help finding the best natural stone for your project please get in touch.

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