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Ten reasons to use natural stone in your project

reasons to use stone

The flooring or paving used in a space should be the first building block upon which the rest of the design is created. We are passionate about the use of natural stone in both commercial and residential settings.

Here are 10 reasons why we think you should use natural stone:

You can never truly recreate a natural material
Intricate details including shells, fossils and veining are the characteristics that draw many people to use natural stone rather than a man-made material. No matter how technology progresses, a man-made replica will never be able to generate the satisfaction created from when you use natural stone.

Every piece is unique
Natural stone is formed over many years meaning each piece is full of character and history. Even in the most consistent of stones, no two pieces will be the same. We believe the imperfections you may find in natural stone are part of its perfection.

It has numerous different applications
Natural stone is so versatile it can be used almost anywhere in a home or building project. In both residential and commercial settings, stone can be used for floors, paving, driveways, skirting, cladding, staircases, coping stones, swimming pools, window frames and in expansive external and internal spaces. You just need to choose the right stone for the right place with the right finish.

reasons to use natural stone

One material can create several different looks
The finish applied to natural stone will have an important effect on how the material looks. It can change how light or dark it is as well as either enhancing or diluting its colour tones. The same material could be aged for a rustic appearance or honed for a modern finish.

It will stand the test of time
Natural stone has been used for flooring and in outdoor spaces for centuries due to the fact, if installed correctly, it will be able to withstand all that life can throw at it for a very long time. It is a long-lasting material suitable for both residential and commercial settings that will create a classic finish which will not date and should improve with time. Even centuries-old stone can be restored to is original glory.

It will add value to a home
Thanks to the connotations of beauty and luxury attached to natural stone, as well as its longevity, the installation of stone in a home will help to add value and also ensure the property remains at a high standard for its current occupants and many more in the future.

It is simple to maintain
Stone flooring, paving and wall tiles are easily maintained, contrary to some commonly held beliefs. Some stones are so dense they require little sealing or maintenance but others will need to be treated with sealer when installed to ensure they are resistant to water and staining. Day-to-day cleaning can be carried out with soapy water. Occasional cleaning and resealing with specialist products may also be required – wide range of products are available to make this process easy.

reasons to use natural stone

It is the perfect companion for underfloor heating
Thanks to its high heat conductivity and good heat retention, a stone tile will warm up quickly and stay warm for longer than most flooring materials. This should result in the heat transferring quickly into the room and that warmth being maintained for quite some time. Equally, during hot weather a stone floor can have a cooling effect.

It has great sustainability credentials
Few materials have the longevity of natural stone and it is considered a product with the best possible life cycle. It lasts forever and can be recycled time and time again in new applications. This is great news in a world where making the most of the materials around us has never been more important.

Many stones can be used inside and outside
The durability of many natural stone tiles and flagstones means they can be used for internal and external spaces – a valuable characteristic at a time when the desire to create a consistent flow between both areas in residential and commercial settings is very popular.

More information about using natural stone can be found in our FAQs as well as on our pages about natural stone finishes and floor patterns

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