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Antiqued or reclaimed stone – what is the difference?

Antiqued and reclaimed stone what is the difference

Antiqued and reclaimed stone feature heavily in our range simply due to the fact we are so passionate about these rustic and charming surface materials.

Able to take quite a battering from busy life, both have their own story to tell. Genuine reclaimed stones have many years of history behind them and our antiqued floors are finished by master craftsmen to replicate the beautiful characteristics of these old stones.

But what are the main differences between these two types of natural stone flooring and paving? Why do we think you should choose them for your latest project? Well here goes…


Reclaimed stone

Salvaged from old buildings, pavements, churches, demolition sites and many other settings, reclaimed stone is just that – reclaimed for reuse somewhere else. This can vary from old terracotta roof tiles repurposed as flooring through to huge stone slabs removed from busy streets where they have been walked on for decades, even centuries.

The key to a material being reclaimed is the fact it has not been newly-manufactured but has been taken from one setting to then be used somewhere new.

Popular reclaimed stone in the UK includes Yorkstone, sourced from homes, gardens, streets and public spaces throughout the county. This is commonly reused for outside paving due to its thickness. However, thinner pieces can also be selected for use indoors.

From France, reclaimed limestones including Blonde Barr, Burgundy and Barr de Montpellier are highly-desired thanks to their history and the tones that feature in the materials sourced from these areas of the country.

As well as their appearance, another significant property of reclaimed stones is the fact they are so highly durable. The fact they can be laid in one place for many years and then lifted for use somewhere else is testament to how they can stand test the time while also increasing in character and beauty.

To ensure we only supply our clients with ethically sourced reclaimed material, we have subscribed to The Salvo Code. This is a voluntary code for good practice in purchasing by those who sell reclaimed materials. A Salvo Code subscriber will agree to not buy any item that could be stolen or have been removed from a protected or historical setting – therefore giving our clients confidence in the material we are supplying. More about the Salvo Code can be read on the website for Salvoweb.

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Antiqued stone

Developed with many years of precision and craftsmanship, the surface and edge texture created on our hand-finished tiles and flagstones pay great homage to their reclaimed counterparts.

Antiqued grey barr limestone

Made from newly-quarried limestone, antiqued stone tiles feature many of the much-loved characteristics of a genuine old floor. In most cases, a number of finishes are applied to each tile to make sure it is unique from the next and to achieve the desired effect. These finishing methods have been researched and perfected over time and we continue to work closely with our factory partners to create new antiqued flooring and paving options. 

Antiqued stone floors prove widely accessible and suitable for a range of projects due to their lower price tag and also the fact they can be produced in much thinner pieces, allowing them to be easily installed in most internal settings.

As well as our hand-finished stones, other aged options include those that are finished with machine processes.  These stones tend to be more uniform in appearance, making them suited to both modern and more rustic spaces. The fact they are finished by machine also means they can be sold in a lower price bracket.

For many of our antiqued floors, how they are finished once laid is also key to their look. Some can be slurried with grout over the complete surface to give a slightly more washed out appearance and others can be waxed to give them the sheen of a floor that has been smoothed by foot traffic over time.

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