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Landscaping ideas – Have you considered Yorkstone paving?

Yorkstone paving is a big part of Britain’s heritage having been quarried in Yorkshire since medieval times.

Today it is a popular natural stone paving material chosen for patios, paths and garden features across the UK. Available in both reclaimed and new riven flags, Yorkstone paving is a robust material well worth considering when researching garden ideas.

Riven Yorkstone paving

Supplies of reclaimed Yorkshire stone flags and cobbles are sourced from various locations including old properties and residential houses as well as streets and pavements where they will have been laid many years ago before being reused. Thanks to the countless numbers of people and vehicles that will have travelled across them, they are left with smooth, undulating surfaces as well as characterful marks giving a glimpse into their previous life.

The colours reflected in both the reclaimed and newly quarried Yorkshire stone can range from light beiges, buffs and greys through to much deeper tones. The same goes for Yorkstone cobbles which are perfect for creating feature pathways and driveways. Our Yorkstone paving range includes new riven and reclaimed. 

Reclaimed Yorkstone paving

When a house is being renovated, the garden can often become an afterthought as budgets get stretched or timescales run over. However, when the outside space (especially at the front) can give an immediate impression of what quality design ideas await inside, we feel it deserves just as much attention.

Perhaps our unpredictable weather is one of the reasons why many of us Brits maybe don’t give our gardens as much time or effort. However, with some clever design, well-placed paving stone areas and a log burner or chimnea for chillier times, they can be enjoyed for a decent amount of the year. Equally, even just from the inside looking out, an attractive external area can do a lot for the soul.

Patio and paving areas will tend to be the most expensive element of a garden so planning ahead with a garden designer or supplier of garden paving is good way of ensuring it does not become neglected as the project progresses.

Sawn Yorkstone paving

We are more than happy to share our passion for stone so get in touch if you want some advice on what material could be best for your project.

To find out more visit our page of new and reclaimed Yorkstone paving and cobbles.

Equally, many of our limestone tiles can be used outside. Take a look at our stone paving page to find out more. 

Yorkstone cobbles


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