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Installing natural stone: Why an experienced fixer is so important

For installing natural stone tiles we would always recommend using an experienced or specialist fixer.

Each type of natural stone, whether it be limestone, slate, sandstone, travertine or marble, has its own characteristics and structure. This means the density, thickness and strength of each can vary widely making installing natural stone a trickier job compared to using ceramic or porcelain tiles. How porous a natural stone tile is will also vary between each material.

When fixing natural stone tiles, thought must be given to the base they will be laid on as well as whether there will be underfloor heating. Many customers have opted for a concrete or screed base to create a level area for the tiles to be fixed. 

Choosing the right adhesive is also just as essential, as is the method used to apply it to the tile or base. If spots of adhesive are used, rather than a smooth layer across the whole of the tile, this risks the appearance of spots of shading and colour changes on the surface of the natural stone tile.
These are all issues a tiler with experience of fixing natural stone will know about.

Experienced natural stone installers will also have previous knowledge of tiles which are supplied in patterns, such as the Roman opus or French opus, or in random lengths. This will ensure the finished project will achieve the desired look.
Once installed, different natural stone tiles will require varying levels of sealing and finishing according to their individual characteristics as well as how the finished floor or wall tiles should look and feel. Choosing the right grout colour can also make a huge difference to the finished look of the tiles.
Again, an experienced fitter will know the best products and methods to use to ensure the tiles achieve their full potential. 

For all of our customers, we are happy to recommend natural stone fixers who we believe will get the best out of the quality natural stone floor and wall tiles we supply.

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