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Belgian blue stone: So much more than just floor & wall tiles

Belgian blue stone tiles

Beauty, durability and versatility are just some of the reasons Belgian blue stone is a popular flooring and paving material chosen for homes, commercial settings and public spaces across Europe.

We recognise these qualities and they are exactly why we love to sell this material to our customers, knowing they will be delighted with the finished look for many years to come.

Belgian blue stone kitchen floor

For centuries, Belgian blue stone has been used as a reliable, durable building and flooring material thanks to the fact it is resistant to the effects of frost, pollution, sea air, chlorine and much more. It is biologically inert and has almost no porosity. It can withstand decades of wear, gaining its own character and patina as it ages and, thanks to its density, is not easily damaged.

Used outside, Belgian blue stone requires no maintenance and will gain its own character over the years. Inside, a simple clean with warm soapy water is usually enough to keep it looking pristine. A stone sealer can also be used inside to avoid any unwanted stains from fats or acids such as wine or sauces.

Belgian checkerboard honed

Belgian blue stone worktop and splashback

The durable qualities of Belgian blue limestone mean it is a material that can be put to many uses including as external cladding, kitchen worktops, statues and monuments, pillars and columns, landscaping, paving, swimming pools, cobbles, staircases and of course, as wall and floor tiles.

Depending on the finish applied to the stone, tones can range from almost black through to a powdery blue-grey – all with unique fossils, speckles and small veins throughout. A honed finish will provide a smooth, dark surface perfect for use inside while, for example, a flamed finish can create a paler grey, rough surface perfect for use outside. The different finishes also mean Belgian blue stone can look equally fitting in a historic, rural property as in a contemporary, new-build.

Almora blue checkered stone floor

Our range of Belgian blue stone includes honed tiles available in a number of sizes including large-format. Bespoke items such as staircases can also be made to order and slabs can be purchased for the creation of worktops.

Belgian blue limestone can be hugely effective when used alongside a cream stone such as in our checkerboard floors and also as cobbles to give a driveway or walkway class and elegance.

There are so many possibilities with Belgian blue stone. Get in touch if you are interested in using this material for your project.


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