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4. What care and maintenance of the stone products is recommended?

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While being laid, white adhesive should be ‘buttered’ across the back of the whole tile to avoid any colour bleeding through and creating a patchy look. Avoid using a grey adhesive as this can sometimes create patches on the surface of the tile. 
Natural stone tiles should also always be sealed on the surface and around the edges before they are grouted to prevent moisture seeping into the surface and creating picture framing around the edges – some tiles will require more sealant than others depending on how dense they are.
Once they are laid, a colour enhancer or wax can also be used depending on the desired look. General maintenance cleaners, such as those supplied by Lithofin, can then be used to maintain the stone and also prevent or remove staining if necessary. 
More detailed installation and care guidance will also be provided at the time of order.