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New wood effect floor tiles to create a natural look

Imperia wood effect tiles

Wood effect floor tiles have been appearing in homes and commercial spaces for a few years BUT it is only recently it has become difficult to tell the difference between a tile and natural wood board once laid.  

They have become increasingly popular thanks to the fact they are so easy to maintain, are extremely hardwearing and can be used in a whole host of environments. Today’s wood effect floor tiles boast a texture resembling a natural plank – when you run your hand over them it really does feel like wood – and also the grainy appearance of wood complete with knots and tonal variation.

Wood effect tiles can be used to great effect on walls as well as floors, adding a feeling of luxury to perhaps a bathroom or home leisure space. Outside they are perfect as a covering for large terrace areas and also allow an interior and exterior space to flow seamlessly with the same flooring.

At Natural Stone Consulting, we are always on the lookout for products that greatly complement the stone tiles and flagstones we are so passionate about selling. For us, our latest range of wood effect floor tiles does just this. Named Turin because of the fact they are produced by a quality Italian porcelain factory, this range especially focuses on deep tones, with colours similar to that of mahogany and ebony, while also offering two fresher shades resembling beech and greyed cedar.


The Turin wood effect tiles are available in large planks up to 180cm long and 80cm wide as well as narrower options – giving a choice suitable for varying sized spaces. These sit alongside decorative Versailles panels resembling the style of floor first seen in the Palace of Versailles. The intricate mesh design is framed into square panels which, once laid next to each other, create a striking effect across a floor.

From dark to light, our Turin range features Alba black wood effect tiles, Fossano dark wood effect tiles, Imperia wood effect tiles, Biella grey wood effect tiles and Savona light wood effect tiles. The Versailles panels are also available in all five tones.


Natural Stone Consulting are specialist suppliers of natural stone floors, wall tiles and paving. Working with factory partners in countries around the world, we have created one of the largest selections of modern, aged and antiqued flagstone floors at our showroom in Newbury, Berkshire.