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Large format porcelain tiles – the latest big thing for floors

Brera large format porcelain tiles


Large format porcelain tiles will create a spacious flow to any open space – whether in a modern or more traditional setting.

Increasing in popularity, these durable and fuss-free tiles can offer the look of natural stone, polished concrete or wooden planks as well as most other materials in between.

With sizes ranging from 60x90cm all the way up to more than 120x120cm (that’s over 1m2!), they can be used on floors and walls plus inside and outside, offering many options for a homeowner or developer searching for a consistent look to complete their project.

Take a look below at some of our tips on what to consider when buying large porcelain tiles.


The pros of large format porcelain tiles:

  • They work brilliantly to create the feel of openness in a space.
  • They offer a uniform appearance, size and thickness.
  • They can handle most of what life can throw at them thanks to their durability – they are great for busy areas of the                home and in commercial settings.
  • They are easy to maintain.
  • Large expanses can be covered quickly and there are fewer joints to grout and keep clean.
  • They can be used inside and outside.


Considerations before installing large porcelain tiles:

  • Ensure the surface they will be laid on is flat – bumps and undulations could cause issues.
  • If they are being fitted to a wall, investigate the maximum weight your wall material can bear.
  • Make sure you have an experienced fitter to install them – the size and weight of some large format porcelain tiles can mean it will be a two-person job and they may need specialist equipment large enough to cut the tiles. They will also be able to advise on the base the tiles should be laid on.

Colombino large format 120x120 porcelain


Where can such large tiles be used?

Large porcelain tiles are perfect for joining two or more spaces together, whether it be a kitchen/diner to a hallway or a reception area into an office. While the surroundings may differ in each room, the consistent flooring allows a certain flow to be felt throughout. This is perfect for a time when we are living more and more in open-plan spaces where the kitchen, diner and lounge becomes one big heart of the home.

In a smaller area, these large tiles can help create the illusion of more space thanks to their clean lines and fewer grout joints that prevent the floor looking busy. However, also be mindful if the room becomes too small, using such large tiles may become a headache due to the number of cuts that would have to be made.

As mentioned above, thanks to the natural and non-slip finishes available in most ranges, it means these large porcelain tiles can also be used both inside and outside. This will give a feel of consistency from house to garden or from bar to sun terrace, for example, and help ‘bring the outside in’.

Also, thanks to the numerous finishes and designs available, large porcelain tiles can be used in sleek, modern surroundings where a high-sheen finish and sharp, straight edges complement the contemporary design. However, they can also work equally well in a rural farmhouse or a building with a bit of history where stone-effect or wood-effect designs will create the look of a rustic floor.

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