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Herringbone floor tiles provide a classic elegance

herringbone floor tiles

Herringbone floor tiles are still proving to be a very popular choice and seem to show now sign of slowing down.

We offer a number of stone floors in this classic and elegant format.

For materials that are consistent in colour, a herringbone pattern will add extra interest and intrigue while still remaining subtle. For those of you looking for a bolder statement, materials with colour variation provide a striking floor bespoke to your space.

Take a look at some of our herringbone floor tile options below:

Belgian bluestone herringbone floor tiles

Belgian blue stone herringbone tiles: A unique blend of the Belgian blue limestone aged finishes, selected to create a stunning floor and wall tile suitable for use inside and outside. 

Tile size: 250 x 80 x 15mm

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Slate herringbone tiles: A hardwearing, old looking natural stone floor tile that can be used inside and outside to create a traditional, popular herringbone pattern. The antiqued face and edge with a slight riven surface creates a reclaimed appearance. This slate flooring can be used with underfloor heating systems.

Tile size: 300 x 150 x 22-30mm

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Reclaimed terracotta parquet tiles: These reclaimed terracotta tiles allow the creation of a traditional parquet flooring pattern complete with historical features and muted warm tones throughout. This is a hardy material perfect for injecting a rustic sense of history into any space. 

Tile size: 300 x 75 x 20mm

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antiquedslate herringbone floor tiles

Antiqued slate tiles: A slimmer version of the herringone slate tiles above, these brick-shaped tiles have been tumbled to give the edges an aged, antiqued look. They are ideal for floors and walls, being used to create linear patterns and also herringbone pattern.

Tile size: 300 x 75 x 15-22mm

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Natural Stone Consulting are specialist suppliers of natural stone floors, wall tiles and paving. Working with factory partners in countries around the world, we have created one of the largest selections of modern, aged and antiqued flagstone floors at our showroom in Newbury, Berkshire.